My sustainability policy 

I wanted to add this little note to let you know that I am interested in protecting the planet.

None of my cards are high gloss or coated so they are easy to recycle!

Wherever possible, I use biodegradable packaging. You will know it is not plastic as it is SUPER NOISY when you try and crumple it! The new cello bags I am using are fully biodegradable, which means that they break down to CO2 and water. This will happen regardless of where the bag ends up, however the process may take a little longer in a domestic composting setting.

For the most part, your order will be sent using recycled card, natural brown paper and paper tape. These days I avoid using bubble wrap unless it is entirely necessary, and any bubble-wrap that is used is pre-loved, thanks to my framer who loves to gift it to me whenever I need some (the mouldings for his frames come wrapped in it)!

I can wrap your print or card order in glassine, which is an entirely paper-based product. It is semi-translucent, and it is pretty too! Please add a note asking me for “plastic-free packaging” when ordering if you would prefer to avoid plastic packaging completely.