BARGAINS and BISCUITS!                            

APRIL 2019

So April is finally on the brink, and I feel like I am coming back into myself after working too much in the run up to Christmas (a bad habit of mine!) Life continues to be busy, nothing new there, but I got a call from DLRCOCO this week to let me know I could have the POP-UP (5th-7th April), so I am taking the opportunity of pulling myself together next FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY and seeing what happens!

You are all invited to come down to the shop which is situated just to the right of the main entrance to Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre on George’s Street (you will see a big pink bird stuck to the window!) I aim to bake some biscuits to go with the chat and if you bring your own keep-cup I will even brew you a coffee or tea! The ‘event’ will take place between 11am & 4pm on Saturday, but if you would prefer a wee trip out to Dun Laoghaire on Friday or Sunday, I will be open then too.

I started Head in the Clouds almost 20 years ago with Andrew, so the 6th April will be a day of celebration. This creative endeavour has kept me intact through some pretty rough times…and for that I am extremely thankful.

Come down even if you have no money in your pocket…there will be no hard-selling, rather I want myself and my work to have an outing! I don’t even know what the space will end up being. I am going to allow it to take shape on Thursday when you can come down and wave at me through the window as I prepare! All I can guarantee are biscuits on Saturday, giant jenga, colouring sheets for kids, my artwork of course and a warm welcome!

Hope to see you there!

MARCH 2019

Hi there! I realise it is March and I have yet to add anything to the BLOG section of my site! Thanks to Claire Creative for working with me to get the site up and running. I love it though I’m not sure what I am doing exactly when adding things to it, so here goes…another experiment.

I have been doing a fabulous course in PICTUREBOOK illustration with Adrienne Geoghegan since January. I am loving the course, but the added bonus is all the lovely people that I have met! I think that most of us work in isolation, and it is just so wonderful to sit and chat with like-minded creatives. I have also been re-united with an old friend from college, Ingrid, who just happened to sign up to the Tuesday night ILLUSTRATION course. It has been brilliant to catch up with her too!

We are working away, illustrating and writing! We will be putting up a show in June at Studio 10 just off Grafton Street. I am looking forward to seeing all that we can achieve.

Check out more about my teacher, Adrienne Geoghegan here

Heather talks 🙂

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